Saving Sight a Short Film

SAVING SIGHT – a Short Film about Commitment, Research, & Hope

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This 21 minute film helps to share the struggles of CHM with a wider audience – tap into this short film’s potential by hosting a viewing party with family and friends.Film Icon

Invite friends and family over to watch SAVING SIGHT together, and learn more about what Choroideremia is, what the Choroideremia Research Foundation is doing, and how close we are to a treatment.

Be sure to:

Projector Screen1. Test your chosen video player – the film is on VIMEO and can run off of any TV, Apple TV, or DVD player that is internet enabled with a VIMEO app.  You can find it in VIMEO by searching for “Saving Sight”, clicking the Vimeo Link above, or entering the URL for the film.  Test the film first on your chosen player to ensure that everything is in working order before you host the viewing party.

2.  Food & Drink – Have some appetizers and drinks available for your guests, and ensure you have enough seats for everyone to watch the film comfortably.

3. Next Steps – After watching the short film if people want to get involved, they can visit and make a one time donation – or join us as a Sustaining Supporter with a monthly gift of any amount to help End Blindness caused by CHM.

4. Make it an Easy and Fun Fundraiser – If you want to turn your viewing party into a Fundraiser – consider a “Wine Cellar” night which can be fun for everyone and can help raise needed funds toward a cure.  Click Below to See How to host a Wine Cellar Night.


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The Wine Cellar Fundraiser

Set-up a SAVING SIGHT Viewing Party according to the basic outline listed above.

Blue Wine 21.  Ask all attendees to bring at least 1 bottle of wine valued at $10 or more with them to the viewing party. Collect all bottles of wine as people arrive.

2.  Sell Raffle Tickets for a chance to win all the wine!  Once everyone arrives you can sell Raffle tickets for $20 per ticket (there is no limit to how many tickets one person can buy . . . this is how your fundraiser makes money!).  Consider giving a deal like “buy 5 raffle tickets for $100 – get a 6th ticket free”.

3.  Show SAVING SIGHT to all of your Viewing Party Attendees.

Tickets4.  Draw a Winning Raffle Ticket.  At the end of the night draw a single raffle ticket. The lucky winner will take home ALL OF THE WINE! It’s a complete – fully stocked – wine cellar for as little as $20! And all the money goes to help END BLINDNESS caused by CHM.  If you have more than a dozen bottles of wine consider breaking the Wine Cellar into 2 drawings.

TIP: wait until AFTER the viewing of Saving Sight to do the Raffle drawing. Following the film people may want to purchase extra tickets since their money is helping cure Choroideremia.Wine Fridge

If anyone wants to purchase tickets with a credit card – just visit and go to the Green Donation link at the upper right of the main page – people can then make a Credit Card donation and put the donation “In Honor Of” the person hosting the Wine Cellar night.  If you are planning to make donation, consider offering your donation as a “Match” of the amount each guest donates up to a certain total – such as “I will match the first $250 in donations” in order to encourage people to donate.

Saving Sight a Short Film