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Since the inception of the Choroideremia Research Foundation in 2000, numerous athletes have pushed their limits while raising money critical to finding a cure for CHM. These individuals, many with limited sight themselves, along with their families, friends, and supporters, have been an integral part of driving research through their remarkable physical efforts by raising money and awareness that has brought us to the brink of a treatment for Choroideremia!

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Milwaukee Runs for Reason

A group of runners and walkers gathered on June 25th in Milwaukee for a unified reason: to raise funds to

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Sustaining Supporters

The Choroideremia Research Foundation’s urgent pursuit of a treatment or cure for Choroideremia is only made possible by the generous donations of our supporters.

Becoming a Sustaining Supporter is a perfect way to give a defined amount each month to help the CRF accelerate the pace of science and provide critical funds to researchers that will allow them to push forward toward a cure. These regular donations are automatically charged each month making it an easy and convenient way to give.

Sustaining Supporters


Fundraising programs or events vary widely in size. Generally, the bigger the event, the more time, skill and effort required to make it a success. If you’ve never hosted a fundraising event before, it may be best to start your fundraising with a small event.