Sustaining Supporters

The Choroideremia Research Foundation’s urgent pursuit of a treatment or cure for Choroideremia is only made possible by the generous donations of our supporters.  Join us as a Sustaining Supporter:

Associate Level: $10/month  Researchers at CRF Symposium

Pacesetter Level: $25/month

Advocate Level: $50/month

Foundation Level: $100/month

Innovation Level: $250/month

Breakthrough Level: $500/month

Visionary Level: $1000/month



The CRF is committed to ending blindness caused by Choroideremia, and the advances being made toward a treatment today give every person impacted by Choroideremia a level of hope that has never before existed.  As a Rare Disease it is critical that every person impacted by CHM consider how they can most help bring about a cure for CHM.  Becoming a Sustaining Supporter is a perfect way to give a defined amount each month to help the CRF accelerate the pace of science and provide critical funds to researchers that will allow them to push forward toward a cure.  These regular donations are automatically charged each month making it an easy and convenient way to give.


You may also choose to give a greater or lesser amount than these levels by clicking here and entering your own Monthly Donation amount.